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Welcome to
Vermont Quilter's Schoolhouse!

  • WELCOME to our registration page!  On this page you can register:

    *  For Our Newsletter
    *  To participate in our Shop Dollars Program (Some exclusions apply)
    *  To participate in our Birthday Celebration Program.  We ask for your birth date and month only!
    *  To participate in our Live Sales Events 
  • Information Regarding Our Live Sales Event(s)
       *  Please claim your item by typing  ‘MINE + the number’ shown on the card for each item.     
       *  While we have a great quantity of most items, items are not unlimited.  Items will be awarded on a first                come first serve basis.    
       *  Items will be allocated on a first to claim basis in the order the claims come in on our screen.  Keep in                mind that your feed will show your posts and your friends posts before you will see other posts.  We                 are watching the claims as they appear in real time.  Be assured that we will follow the 'first to claim'                  rule.
       *  If you intend to pickup your item(s), please note pickup when claiming your item.  Shipping is free for                all orders over $100 otherwise shipping will be a flat rate of $7.50.
       *  PayPal is our on-line payment processor; however, you do not need a PayPal account to make a                        purchase.  Simply follow the prompts and enter your credit card information as you would for any                        on-line purchase.
       *  Please be patient as we develop a routine.  Invoices will be sent following the Live event and must be                paid within 24 hours or the item will go to the next person who claimed the item. Please be sure to                   check your email inbox and spam folder for the invoices.
       *  Register by completing the on-line form below.

  •     THANK YOU for joining us for these fun events!

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